Supporting innovation, understanding markets and customer experiences, consulting and/or training, whatever your need, our teams can offer you the best accompaniment for successful marketing development. Our experience and our proven methodologies make Strategir the ideal marketing expert.

Supporting you in all your innovation projects

Product test
SNIFF test



Price Test

The sniff test (or perfume test)


The packaging test

At Strategir, we know just how much innovation is a vital topic for our clients. So we have it at heart to accompany you during all the steps of your thought process, according to your concerns.

We also know that there is not just one innovation process or culture. This is why we have chosen to be 100% agile and tailormade so as to adapt to your cultures, your needs or your constraints, whatever they are.

We can thus accompany you early on during an innovation project, starting at the exploratory phase, so as to discover new opportunities. We can also be present at the development stage and for the prioritisation of your ideas. So, you can count on us during the pre-launch phase to validate and evaluate its potential and instigate your best proposals.

At Strategir, innovation is also our watchword, so that we can go further in our analyses, renew our gathering methods, and have a head’s start in our methodological practices. But always with a collaborative will to innovate by your side, to brainstorm and to launch projects according to your needs.

Identifying and understanding your market and your targets


Framing study

Segmentation study


Understanding evolutions in the market and in the targets that constitute it holds the key to an effective brand strategy. At the same time, the digital world, as well as multi- and cross-channels have changed the game when it comes to customer expectations, their paths to purchase and their relationships with brands. An intimate knowledge of your market and of its transformations is thus the first essential phase, which will allow you to stay one step ahead of your competitors, identify growth opportunities and build customer loyalty.

At Strategir, we think that being resolutely hybrid and modular is the right way to accompany you as you gain knowledge of your markets and targets. For, more than ever, it is vital to fit closely to your specific needs so as to obtain reliable, meaningful results, which are truly of use during decision-making.

Made up of hand-picked qualitative as well as quantitative experts, and endowed with a genuine sector expertise, our teams can accompany you in the identification and enabling of your business opportunities.

Understanding customer experiences to make them even better

Journey Study
Omnichannel Customers

Balance Sheet

UX testing

VR implantation test

Customer experience has become a priority for brands. The challenge is to create a memorable, distinct and satisfying experience that can strengthen the brand/consumer relationship, in order to create loyalty and recommendations.

From one end to the other of the chain, in other words of the customers’ paths up to the act of buying or consuming, their lived experiences need to be perfect and seen as having been personalised.

However, it is clear that not all consumers are sensitive to the same factors of influence and involvement while on their decision, purchase or consumption journeys. A single individual may have different sensitivities depending on the product category or occasion.

An understanding of these impact factors has led Strategir’s teams to offer you an accompaniment in order to provide your customers and prospects with the best possible experiences as shoppers and consumers, so that you stand out in your competitive world.

Consultancy & Training


Conseil RSE


Formation ad hoc

To go further in our desire for accompaniment and partnerships, we can put at your disposal different experts who can work with your teams in an advisory mode and/or for training, at various levels.

Our advisory services

  • We can help you to finalise your test stimuli or give you feedback concerning post-research optimisations.
  • We can inform you about a given topic as an expert (decarbonation, CSR, labels, etc.).
  • We can inspire your teams by sharing our sector insights with you.
  • We can accompany you in the activation of your strategic decisions and their dissemination among your own stakeholders.
  • We can lead your internal workshops or brainstorming.

Our training services

  • We can train your teams in various market research techniques thanks to our Strategir Academy.

Let’s create together a more responsible world

To do so, Strategir is committed to a policy of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Favour the creation of more virtuous offers

Strategir accompanies its clients in the development of more virtuous offers for their consumers, by using its marketing expertise and its knowledge of sustainable development.

Act with total transparency and trust

Strategir relies on the values of solidarity and mutual assistance so as to promote a relationship of trust, transparency and respect with its stakeholders.

Encourage skills development

Strategir provides its collaborators with a professional environment that favours fulfilment, by uniting empowerment, skills development and a convivial workplace.

Answer to social and environmental issues

Strategir adopts actions of solidarity, as well as sound resource management.

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